The sites below contain a wealth of information about what agile retrospectives are, how to conduct them, and how they fit into the broader agile picture.

If you’re new to retrospectives, take your time browsing sites that look interesting to you, from basic to advanced. If you’ve been doing this for a while you’re likely to be familiar with a few of the sites; I hope you find some new gems or interesting combinations that spark new ideas for you… would love to hear if you do!

Refactoring your Development Process with Retrospectives
A thorough introduction by Rachel Davies on why retrospectives are important for teams. The article covers learning from experience, the structure of a retrospective, and how to do them well.

Insights You Can Use
Esther Derby’s blog, which is aptly named :-) Filter on Retrospectives for insights specific to retrospectives, how they work, why they fail, and ways to make them stick. For reading and re-reading.

Resources on Retrospectives
Comprehensive links list covering the basics of conducting good retrospectives – what to do and what not to do – as well as interesting variations and experience-based discussions.

Agile Advice – Recommended Materials
A great set of links to all things agile, with retrospective and facilitation concerns featuring under headings like Team Building, Corporate Culture and Self Organizing Teams. Worth trawling.

Agile/Scrum Retrospectives – Tips and Tricks
InfoQ’s useful set of collected tips and techniques for conducting retrospectives – and like many agile blogs, the content continues in the comments section ;-)